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Here's what we know about it. Find all the specs and info, and hundreds of photos, right here. The current, JK-generation Jeep Wrangler has been on sale for over 10 years, and an all-new Wrangler is on its way for 2018. The new Wrangler, the JL, is easily one cash advance of the most anticipated trucks of the year, and thankfully we won't have to wait long to see it. But before it makes its official debut, here's everything we know about the 2018 Wrangler.

With the latest version of Fiat Chrysler's Uconnect infotainment system, it looks like a huge improvement over the previous-generation Wrangler. The car pictured also shows off its six-speed manual transmission with pride. Just a day after Jeep pulled a surprise move and released three pictures of the 2018 JL Wrangler, pricing briefly showed up on the automaker's homepage. Pricing for other model variants hasn't been announced-intentionally or not-just yet.

First uncovered by the JLWranglerForums, and confirmed to us by a knowledgeable insider, dealer ordering for the 2018 Wrangler has begun.

That means that dealers can let Jeep know how many 2018 Wranglers they'd like to receive for the first shipment. You can head to a dealer and register your interest, which will hopefully get you an early-production example, but you can't custom order one yet. Our friends at Roadshow discovered a slide in Fiat Chrysler's third-quarter results presentation that confirms the 2018 Wrangler will begin production later this year.

It also confirms that we'll finally see the truck next month. The Wrangler will also have between 1075 and 1310 lbs of payload capacity, depending on specification.

Jalopnik also figured out that the cash advance lightest Wrangler, a 2. The first 2018 Wranglers are expected to roll off the line at Jeep's Toledo, Ohio assembly plant in mid-November, with a public reveal scheduled not long after.

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